Open Trash Lab

A collaborative project to learn about waste.

Rapid Prototyping of Urban Sensors

Building and deploying sensors to measure the city.

Air Quality Monitoring

Using cellular networks and solar panels to create a stand-alone air quality monitor.

<3 Heart Gov

Connecting citizens and their government.

Data Visualizations

An exploration into big data.

Towers of Power

A course dedicated to understanding GSM and building your own cellular network.

Landfill Hunter

An application designed to crowdsource information about landfills in the United States.

Dehlila SMS Therapy

An introspective artificial intelligence service designed to help people better understand their problems.

Dreaming Maestro

An interactive installation allowing users to experience the correlation between a conductors gestures and the sound generated by an ensemble.

UNICEF: Residents Are United

Residents are united is an SMS based platform to help communities build ties for improved resiliency during disasters.

Gear Orchestra

An intricate series of gears and sensors used to rethink how music can be generated.

Life of Trash

An exploration into the hidden waste infrastructure in New York city and an attempt to answer the question, where does our trash go?


An open-source cellular network designed to establish SMS broadcast communication when traditional infrastructure is unavailable.

The Terri Dreams

An award winning collaboration combining theater, film and animation into one interactive experience.

Organics Mechanics Music Video

Music video for the new single "Organics mechanics" from the band Everthus the Deadbeats.

Web Development Work

A collection of home brewed websites.